Exquisite decorative art pieces or unique trophies

The art pieces are made from 100% recycled snare material which was used to poach African wildlife. 

The program helps to support underprivileged African artists while preventing the illegal harvesting and poaching of Africa’s unique wildlife.


The SNARE Art Program uses snares and other poaching equipment removed from natural areas to create inspirational pieces of art. This program aims to uplift local artists by assisting them in building a sustainable business. 


The KaiNav Conservation Foundation’s S.N.A.R.E Initiative has, to date successfully located and removed hundreds of snares from the natural areas of the Gauteng and Northwest Provinces of South Africa. 


  • To raise funds for the continuation and expansion of the S.N.A.R.E Initiative. 

  • To promote entrepreneurship and community development amongst local

    underprivileged artists. 

  • To provide an alternative source of income to snare poaching. 

  • To dispose of poaching equipment and snares in an environmentally friendly and

    responsible manner. 

  • To use art to create an awareness of the illegal bush meat and snare poaching.

If you wish to have a custom piece made please don't hesitate to contact us.